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Do You Have Any uestions?

If you want to change the background image of sale popups then, follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Open the ShagunBox app and choose the Sales Popup app from the side menu .

Step: 2 => Use the Custom CSS input field to add background image custom CSS.

Step: 3 => Click on the Save Settings button.

Note: Please use the CDN links for the images.

Not at all! The Sales Popup app has a simple and super user-friendly set up to help you configure the Sales Popup notifications without using any code.

You don’t require any coding skills to use our app.

No, You don’t need to install the app code manually in the theme liquid file.

To Enable the Stock Countdown app, Follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Open the ShagunBox app and choose the Stock Countdown app from the side menu.

Step: 2 => Click on the App Status button.

Step: 3 => Now click on the Save Settings button to save changes.

To pick products for the feature section, Follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Open the ShagunBox app and choose Product Description App from the side menu.

Step: 2 => Click on the Edit button in which feature section you want to add products

If you want to enable the IP Log App then, Follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Open the ShagunBox app and choose the IP Log app from the side menu.

Step: 2 => Click on the Record IP Logs button.

Now our app will start recording your visitors for you.

Step: 1 => Open your Shopify admin panel.

Step: 2 => Click on the Settings button from the side menu and choose General (See the screenshot below).

Step: 3 => Now click on the Change Formatting link inside the Store currency section (See the screenshot below).

Step: 4 => Copy the following code.

HTML With Currency 

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>

HTML Without Currency

<span class=money>${{amount}}</span>
Step: 5 => Paste the copied money formats in HTML with Currency and HTML Without Currency Input fields (See screenshot below).

Step: 6 => Now click on Save Settings button.

Default currency will automatically be selected in the Currency Converter app according to your Store’s Currency.

Note: You can’t change the default currency in the Currency Converter App.

Map Box API Access tokens are required to use our Store Locator app. To get the Map Box API Access Token, follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Click on the following link:- https://www.mapbox.com

Step: 2 => If you have already a Mapbox account then Sign in to your account.

Step: 3 => If you don’t have a Mapbox account then Create or Sign up for a new account. Click on the following link to sign Up https://account.mapbox.com/auth/signup/

Step: 4 => Copy the Default public token.

Step: 5 => Go to the Store Locator App and click on the settings menu.

Step: 6 => Paste your Mapbox Access Token in the Map Box Access Token input field.

Step: 7 => Click on Save Settings button to save changes.

If you want to create store locations then, Follow the below steps.

Step: 1 => Open the ShagunBox app and choose the Store Locator app from the side menu.

Step: 2 => Now click on Add Location button.

Step: 3 => Fill in the details about your store like Store Name, Email, Address, etc.

Step: 4 => Choose your store Location.

Step: 5 => Click on Save Location button.